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How to Initiate a refund?

How to initiate refund.

Hello Folks,

In this blog, we will tell you you can avail of change of product or if you receive any faulty product how you can refund it

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Step No.1

Step No. 2: Fill the form.

 After sending an email to us, one of our executives will contact you soon through email. And that email will contain a form link which you have to submit to us.

Now click the link you will be redirect to the google form

Untitled design (4)

Now fill your email and click to agree.

After Clicking next 

You will be redirected to the main form

Now Fill in your exact details

Step 3 : Now relax and chill.

After you have sent us your form again, one of our executives will inspect the form and initiate the refund process within 5-6 working days.

Thankyou for reading the blog if you expect more blog then please let us know by writing to info@yuveenterprises.com

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